Blue Double Lane Tropical Waterslide-20 ft

Blue Double Lane Tropical Waterslide-20 ft


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6 hours




Weekend Special


Setup Area: 23 ft L X 23 ft W

Actual Size: 20 ft L X 20 ft W

Outlets: 2

Age Group: 7 and up


Blue Double Lane Tropical Waterslide-20 ft.

The best waterslide rentals around double lane waterslide rentals you can rent that's in between the two tallest waterslides rentals our company have. It's a sure rush as you coming down the slide kids and adults can have fun doing so. It's one of the hottest waterslides in the area and it always books every weekend. You want the best we provide it and our company stand behind our products. No other company has the hottest double lane waterslides in the parish / area's.  

A 20 ft double lane tropical water slide rental is a large inflatable recreational structure designed for outdoor use. It features two separate lanes that allow for two kids to slide down in separate lanes while sliding into the pool area. The tropical theme, featuring trees, along with some cool attractive colors, adds a fun and exciting element to the water slide. The 20 ft height provides a thrilling experience for kids, while the double lane design allows for multiple kids to play and enjoy the slide at the same time. This type of water slide is commonly used at backyard parties, festivals, and other outdoor events. To ensure safety, it's important to supervise kids while they are playing on the water slide and to make sure that it's properly inflated and secured. Restrictions may apply, if safety rules are not followed. We assure our customers that the equipment is sanitized and cleaned before each use and after each use. 

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